For His Glory

I began this ministry specifically with one thing in mind: setting the captives free.

Off The Chain Ministry Inc. was birthed in the heart of the captive in actual captivity at the time. It was in a jail cell while detoxing from substance abuse and facing criminal charges- yet again. When the Holy Spirit first laid this ministry on my heart, I laughed. Hard.

It was just plain crazy to me, first and foremost, that God Almighty would even call me to such a task. Secondly, to call me to a freedom ministry while I was bound by chains in every aspect of my life – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, legally. I was ‘Captain of the captive’.

Little did I know, I was about to begin my journey to freedom with the ‘Chain Breaker’ Himself- Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

“For whom the Son makes free, shall be free indeed!” (Jn. 8:36)

What the Word of God says is Truth. Jeremiah 29:11 was written for everyone of us. If the Holy Father would promise a guy like me “a future and hope”, then He most definitely has one for you. You have a purpose in Him, or you wouldn’t be here. All He asks of us is a humble heart from those of us who dare to believe on and trust in Him.

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